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Does going the the dentist make you nervous?  At Blakeslee Dental, we strive to help every one of our patients feel comfortable.  Please remember through proper communication, we can help you – that’s what we are here for!

Nitrous Oxide

We offer nitrous oxide, “laughing gas”, for all procedures.  If that’s not quite enough to take the edge off, there are other options available to help make your appointment more relaxing.

Isolite Suction System

A soft plastic mouthpiece worn in the mouth during dental procedures.  This new technology helps to protect the tongue and cheeks with retraction and allows you to comfortably rest your jaw thanks to the built in bite block.

Computerized Anesthetic Delivery (the Wand)

Prior to injection, a topical gel is placed on your gums to start the numbing process.  With the Wand, Dr. Blakeslee is able to give a computer regulated flow of anesthetic.  What does this mean to you as a patient?  The injection will be guaranteed to be slow and steady – making it much more comfortable.


Lay back in comfortable style!  We have pillows for your neck and back, a soft blanket for extra warmth and an Ipad with headphones for you to enjoy watching a show to put your mind at ease.