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Through use of this special laser, our team is able to detect cavities at an earlier state.

Snore Guards

Dr. Blakeslee can help make you a custom fabricated dental device to be worn at night to prevent snoring.

Sports Mouth Guards

Dr. Blakeslee can help you by making a custom fabricated mouth guard worn to protect the teeth from injury while playing contact sports.

Night Guards

We offer a few types of night guards to help our patients in the prevention of migraines and occlusal wear, the most common type is the NTI.  This kind of night guard is a small clear plastic device worn on the front teeth – it is designed to reduce the intensity of clenching and grinding, which in turn helps eliminate headaches.  Dr. Blakeslee designs these right here in our office!

Dental Sealants

To help protect permanent teeth against cavities, we recommend placing sealants on molar teeth.  Sealants are a plastic material bonded on the chewing surface of back teeth.